Moving House

Call us on 1300 131 224 from Monday to Saturday between 7.30am and 5.00 pm
Contact us by email:

Update your bank details

To update your bank details, please contact us on 1300 131 224 or simply click here to download your subscriber details form. Once filled with your new banking details and signed please return the form via mail. Important, as we will debit your newly updated account a month after the initial update, we request that you forecast one last payment from your old account before closing it.

Renew my CANAL+ subscription

Direct Debit
A month prior to the expiry date of your contract, your contract will be renewed automatically unless advised otherwise by you in writing

Upfront Payment
We will send you a renewal subscription form one month prior to the expiry date of your contract to be returned at your earliest convenience and before your contract expires. Otherwise, you may lose your connection.

My decoder has been stolen

We recommend that you contact CANAL+ and report the stolen decoder right away. Upon reception of the payment for the value of the decoder, we will have it delivered to your house. We will also issue a Tax Invoice that can be forwarded to your home and content insurance provider.

I’m moving overseas

When moving overseas, you will need to contact us a month prior your departure. You will need to provide by mail or email at the following: your airfare itinerary and ticket or job relocation letter from your company. We will request that you return the equipment to our local agent by mail.

I would like to know more about CANAL+ channels, radios & services

For more information about our products and services, please contact us on 1300 131 224 from Monday to Saturday between 7.30am and 5.00 pm.

You can also submit your questions into our online “Subscriber Enquiries”. Upon reception, we will endeavour to contact you and answer any queries you may have.

When are my favourite programs on?

To search for your favourite TV programs, go to TV GUIDE menu. Once on the TV GUIDE page, select Australie and your state then click on Envoyer. To access our CANAL + CALEDONIE TV GUIDE click on VALIDER and start browsing.

You can also access view our On screen TV GUIDE by pressing PROGR then OK from your remote control.

I’m relocating and need to reinstall my system at my new address

You can either contact CANAL+ on 1300 131 224 or contact your local CANAL+ AUSTRALIE installer to organise your system relocation. Transfer costs will apply and will need to be paid directly to the installer.


Back from holiday, my system is not working. I didn’t request to stop my subscription. I have checked all the cords everything seems to be working...

Back from holiday, my connection is not working. I didn’t request to stop my subscription. I have checked all the cords everything seems to be working fine. What can I do next?

If the decoder hasn’t been used for a long period of time, it may deactivate itself.
To resolve this issue, you need to press the ‘PILOTE’ button from your remote control and press 6. A date will appear stating whether your subscription has expired or not. In both cases, please call our office on 1300 131 224 from Monday to Saturday between 7.30am and 5.00 pm and ask for your card to be reactivated.

I’m going back to France. Can I keep the equipment?

You must return your equipment to our local agent by mail.

Create or change my Parental Control code

The Code Parent, a 4 digit password (PIN), allows you to restrict the access to some channels. There is no time limit to keep your PIN active. You can also change your pin at any time.

Press PILOTE then 3 then 1. Enter 4 digits of your choice to create your PIN. If you wish to change your PIN, you will need to identify yourself with current PIN then follow the guidelines to update your PIN.
You can validate each step along the way by pressing OK or cancel by pressing A. Once your PIN has been created you can start blocking the channels of your choice.

In case you have forgotten your PIN, you can contact us on 130 131 224 and we will reset your PIN for you. Please make sure you have your subscriber number to do so.

How do I record a program classified category V?

Adults Only and R rated programs automatically require PIN access.

To record Adults Only and R rated programs between 12.00 am and 5.00 am, you will need to provide your PIN when requested. Adults Only and R rated programs between 12.00 am and 5.00 will not be subject to PIN requirement.

Recording of Adults Only and R rated programs from your EPG will not unlock the channel either. If you are able to record without a PIN this means the channel is available for viewing by anyone.
Following these easy steps, here’s how to record Adults Only and R rated programs

  • Press PILOTE on your remote
  • Press 1
  • Enter your PIN
  • Press 1 to record your programs
  • Press OK confirm your recording(s)

My remote control does not work. Can I have another one?

Your remote control is faulty. You are entitled to receive free of charge ONE (1) remote control per year. You will need to inform us of the issue so that we can send you a new remote control.

I have a black screen and cannot view my programs. What can I do? Where can I return and exchange my faulty equipment?

If you have a problem contact CANAL+ or your local agent so we can test your system over the phone or exchange it if faulty.

Troubleshooting your system in case or black screen or faulty equipment:

  • Change channel and return to initial channel
  • Check that your account is still active (Press on PILOTE from your remote control then press 8) If your account If your account is not up to date, leave your decoder on for about 30 minutes
  • Press the standby button on your remote then switch it back on
  • Turn off your decoder (press the Marche/Arret button) then turn it back on
  • Check that all cords are plugged in properly. Carefully unplug and reconnect each cable between your TV set, decoder and other devices connected to your TV
  • Check if your dish is properly aligned (Press PILOTE, 5 and 3). If the indicator is orange or red in colour, please call on Technical Support 1300 131 224

I’m a CANAL+ subscriber. When it rains, I’m experiencing reception difficulties. Do I have to return my equipment?

When the weather is overcast or rainy it may affect your satellite reception. Weather pending big storms and thick clouds layer may affect your reception.
This problem can occur in two cases:

  • Bad weather in your area
  • Bad weather in Paris where the signal is uplink to our satellite

You can check if your dish is properly aligned by:

  • Pressing PILOTE on your remote, 5 and 3
  • Check that the indicator is between 3 and 4

A dish not properly aligned can also cause bad reception. Call 1300 131 224 (Technical Support).

If your dish alignment is fine and the weather is sunny with blue skies, then you can assess that the reception issue comes from clouds interference.

Otherwise, if your dish is not properly aligned, you can contact your local agent to reset your dish.

I need Body Corporate approval to install a dish and subscribe to CANAL+.

You can download templates mentioned below. Fill the templates with your details and forward them to your Body Corporate or Real Estate for approval. Upon reception of your Body Corporate or Real Estate confirmation and signed document, we can then organise the dish installation.

Note that if you decide to install without Body Corporate or Real Estate approval, you may be liable to remove the dish at your own costs. CANAL+ cannot be held accountable for dish removal and fees involved in this case.

I am experiencing technical issues.

Please contact our Technical Support Hotline on 1300 131 224. Alternatively, you can send us an email at A CANAL+ team member will contact you shortly to assist you.

I purchased a new LCD or PLASMA screen TV, how can I adjust my new TV set picture format?

To adjust CANAL+ picture format to your recently purchased LCD or PLASMA screen TV.
From your remote control press on:
PILOTE, then 5 and 3
Select the picture format that you want with the following options: 4/3 or 16/9

Following recent Day Light Savings changes, how can I change the time according to my region?

WINTER TIME: From your remote control press MENU, 5 then 5 again. Select AUSTRALIE. Press OK to confirm and SORTIE to exit.
SUMMER TIME: From your remote control press MENU, 5 then 5 again. Select NOUVELLE CALEDONIE. Press OK to confirm and SORTIE to exit.


How can I set my favourite channels?

From your remote control, Press PILOTE then 2. From the channels listing, press OK to select your favourite channels. Once your selection is completed, press SORTIE. To activate your favourite channels option, press the PREFER button. A white cross will then appear on your TV screen. To deactivate this option, simply press PREFER on your remote. A red cross will appear on your screen.

How can I find the opening and closing times from each of the channels?

Please refer to your Welcome Pack. Alternatively, you can contact us either by calling our 1300 131 224 number or send us an email at

How do I search for a particular program from my TV?

With the help of your remote control, press GUIDE (from the MENU button on your remote control) then RECHERCHER then press OK. Narrow your search using the following options (GENRE, CHAINE, JOUR and HORAIRE). Once finished with your selection press VALIDER then OK to generate the result page.

Can I change the numbering of my channels?

Yes you can. To do so, just follow these easy steps:

  • Press MENU from your remote control
  • Press 5
  • Press 2
  • Press 2 again
  • Scroll down to highlight the channel you wish to move
  • Highlight the second channel you wish to move

Choose from the following options:

  • Move the first channel selected just in front of the second channel selected
  • Move the first channel selected just after the second channel selected
  • Swap channels