Stop, play and rewind your live programs thanks to our Personal Video Recorder. You’ll have the ability to put your program on pause and hit play right where you left off, all without missing a thing. For parts that you want to play again and again, simply rewind and relive it.

You can also control the scrolling speed to make it as fast or as slow as you want. We know it isn’t always possible to catch your favourite programs, that’s why you’ll have your very own library, capable of housing hours of standard quality or adequate hours of high definition programs. For the times when there’s too much on, you can also watch a program and have another recording at the time—you’ll never miss your much-loved programs again.


Black and white PVR


Second TV

$15.00 per month

Benefit fully from your subscription with our second screen service, allowing you and your family to watch 2 programs on different televisions. Perfect for families of all sizes, you’ll be able to watch a movie while the kids catch up on their favourite cartoon—all you need is one of our handy decoders.

With more choice and the ability to watch what you want, when you want, you’ll receive a selection of our  channels, from sport and news to radio and movies, all with high definition picture and sound.